Gordon Mark Webber


Would gig in his sleep if he could.
His world wide reputation gathers a pace.

Gordon is a vocalist who started gigging at 14 working the London East End pub circuit. He is now an exceptionally versatile performer/songwriter and works with internationally renowned musicians in major venues throughout the USA Europe and Africa.
What makes Gordon so different is not just his vocal expertise and delivery but the extensive range of styles that he covers. Dependent only upon the occasion, he performs anything from original material to jazz, blues and soul covers. From gentle ballads to powerful blues, he is definitely not just another “Jazz Singer”. There is no play list that is cast in stone. He performs for the occasion, with most tastes and ages catered for, providing any combination or number of musicians from performing solo up to performing with the full 9 piece band. Gordon has performed for The Royal Family, numerous MPs and a bling of “A list” celebrities at private functions with some of the finest jazz session musicians in the UK.

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Mark Fishlock

Bass / Vocals

The force to be reckoned with in the world of song writing, especially Children’s songs!

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Jane Milne-Home


The firm female influence truly oozing vocal power and passion… in contrast to her map reading and navigation skills.

Simon Spratley


Highly qualified and skilful proponent of keyboard sounds. Mr Dry as a bone.

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Martin Burke


Matron of the band…
still trying to grow up…
but not quite yet.

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Jim Barnes


Can tackle any solo and talks in a different language due to his extensive library.

Phil Veacock

Tenor Saxophone

he has played with them all…!

Phil Veacock (Tenor Saxophone) is best known as a long-time member, main arranger and musical director of Jools Holland’s Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. He has played with and arranged for an unbelievable roster of musical legends from every genre. A quick look at some of the names shows Soul legends such as Al Green, Barry White, Sam Moore, George Benson, Smokey Robinson and Martha Reeves, Blues legends such as B B King, Eric Clapton, Dr John, Irma Thomas and Slim Gaillard. Other genre-busting legends like Paul McCartney, George Harrison & Ringo Starr, Elton John, Van Morrison, Sting, Kylie and even Jessie J also feature.

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Orlando La Rose


The cool man on brass.
Just watch him move… enough said.

Orlando also plays Saxaphone for The Selecter who recently played at the 2020 6music festival and Simply Re Red (Top UK tribute band)

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Nickie Hutchins

Saxaphone / Vocals

Music teacher and partyist, especially off shore!

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